31. March 2015


You Might Be a Patriarch if …

Wrapped in naivete, I’m constantly amazed at the ongoing support for patriarchy (which, for purposes of this essay, I equate with civilization, or the dominant culture). I understand we’re all deeply embedded within a patriarchal culture. I understand there’s no escape, as I’ve said and written repeatedly. What I fail to understand is how people […]

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29. March 2015


Edge of Extinction: Freedom?

______ Join me for some April Fools’ Gratitude on Facebook. Join the fray here. ______ I was one of four panelists in this panel at the Earth at Risk conference in November 2014. Click the link to see a trailer (also shown above) and also to view the 90-minute result on the following dates and […]

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27. March 2015


McPherson Shares Pulmonary Embolism Experience with Reese Jones

by Reese Jones Firstly, apologies for the sound distortions in the first part of the first video. Things do get better in the latter portions, thank you for bearing with us on that. In these first two videos, Dr. McPherson shares the personal details of his recent experience with a pulmonary embolism that occurred during […]

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25. March 2015


CO2 emissions are not the same as CO2 ppm

by Elisabeth Robson, author and software developer In March, 2015, the International Energy Agency (IEA), indicated that their data show that “global emissions of carbon dioxide from the energy sector stalled in 2014, marking the first time in 40 years in which there was a halt or reduction in emissions of [CO2] that was not […]

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23. March 2015


The Gifts of Grief In A Time of Endings

by Carolyn Baker As with so many topics in this culture, near-term human extinction (NTHE) has become yet another issue for the debating society of the “cerebesphere”—a term I have coined for living only in the domain of the intellect while disconnected from the body and emotions. It seems that humans would much rather argue […]

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21. March 2015


Edge of Extinction: Good!

______ Please visit the DONATIONS tab. I’m open to non-monetary donations, subject only to your creativity. For example, I would appreciate your generosity with respect to frequent-flyer miles. ______ 6-30 April 2015, western Europe (additional details forthcoming, and follow the tour at and also on Facebook) 25 April 2015, 6:00 p.m., Conway Hall, 25 […]

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19. March 2015


What is the Real Problem?

by Clive Elwell, who writes: “Any academic qualifications I might have gained have long since become meaningless. I have no position, no status in this world, neither do I seek any. Any images of myself that might come to mind are continually seen for what they are – projections of the mind. I am not […]

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