8. July 2014

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Contemplating Suicide? Please Read This

If you are contemplating suicide, please re-consider. And then click here for awareness, prevention, and support on the topic of suicide. I’m not advocating for or against suicide. I’m non-judgmental about the issue, although I agree with Archbishop Desmond Tutu that every human has a right to make the decision to end his or her […]

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22. September 2014


The Truth about Near-Term Human Extinction

by Emma Fenton, long-time reader in this space As near-term human extinction is debated back and forth, argued for and against (with a degree of condemnation), the signs are already painfully obvious that this is the path we are heading down. Climate change, environmental damage and nuclear meltdowns are the signposts towards the demise of the human […]

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20. September 2014


Even More NTHE Questions

Now that it looks like methane from Siberia and the arctic is really picking up, what would happen if we had a large sudden release of methane a hypothetical extinction-level release, what would be the result in speeding up NTHE? ** Integrating three different perspectives (individual human, all humans, and all other species), what really […]

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18. September 2014


A Tragic View of Human Destiny and the Latest from Reese Jones

by Bud Nye I wanted to respond to NTHE Question #11, “Why is this happening? Or, better yet, When did it start?” Unfortunately, I have found that I cannot comment any longer at NBL due to Page Not Found errors. Partly for this reason, and partly because of its length, I decided instead to write […]

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16. September 2014


Call to Action: Reclaim the Climate Movement; Radio Interview Alert; and Tonight’s Radio Show

Call to Action: Reclaim the Climate Movement by Kari McGregor, co-founder of the Australian grassroots non-profit, Sustainability Showcase, where she manages various degrowth-oriented projects. Kari is also editor of SHIFT magazine, an independent advertising-free magazine that provides a platform for voices of the degrowth movement and deep ecology. A committed downshifter herself, Kari devotes much […]

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14. September 2014


New in the Classifieds

Platinum-grade, off-grid homestead in rural New Mexico Pursue the simple life immersed in nature’s beauty with a stake in this gorgeous homestead on 2.7 acres in beautiful New Mexico. The property is co-owned with people who know how to garden and take care of small animals (we’ve had goats, turkeys, ducks, chickens, and a goose). […]

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14. September 2014


facing death with serenity

by the virgin terry just caught part of a segment of pbs’ newshour on the topic of the apparent connection/correlation between creativity and ‘mental illness’ or ‘mood disorders’ like chronic depression. made me think that maybe i need to get more ‘mentally ill’. who knows, it might make me a better writer (it sucks to […]

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12. September 2014


Reese Jones Interviews Paul Beckwith, Alex Smith Interviews McPherson, and More NTHE Questions

Reese Jones interviewed Paul Beckwith on the topic, “Worsening Arctic and Antarctic Meltdown Cause of Extreme Weather.” Catch it here. ** McPherson’s 4 September 2014 radio interview with Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock is described here (albeit disingenously) and linked for high bandwidth and low bandwidth. ** We know that, “The Age of Mammals” has […]

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8. September 2014


Thoughts on Faith and Purpose during Near-Term Human Extinction

by J. Z. Colby, who can be contacted at My journey from innocence to the thoughts I now share has spanned my entire life so far. It included a college degree in psychology and all the usual training to be a mental-health therapist that went with it. That gave me some insights, to say […]

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6. September 2014


NTHE Question #15

If you do not currently own land, and lack the financing required, do you conceive of a time where you would risk shortening your date with extinction to acquire land (i.e., by occupying vacant unfarmed land), in defiance of local or national laws OR if you currently own land would you invite others to share […]

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3. September 2014


The Thick Facade of Civilization

Pauline Schneider’s film Going Dark will be screened at the Underfunded Film Festival in Provo, Utah the afternoon of Saturday, 6 September 2014. See the full schedule here. ** I’ve recently added the series of interviews with Reese Jones to the content beneath the “Recent Video” tab. Catch it all here. ** The Thick Facade […]

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