8. July 2014


Contemplating Suicide? Please Read This

If you are contemplating suicide, please re-consider. And then click here for awareness, prevention, and support on the topic of suicide. I’m not advocating for or against suicide. I’m non-judgmental about the issue, although I agree with Archbishop Desmond Tutu that every human has a right to make the decision to end his or her […]

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2. September 2014


NTHE Questions #13 and #14

McPherson notes that, during his brief absence, several among the commentariate ignored the only suggestions in this space. You were unkind and you posted too frequently. Apparently civilized humans cannot be trusted with even the simplest of tows. Please grow up. ** What will get us first? Radiation, disease, starvation, thirst, all-out war or something […]

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31. August 2014


Learning How To Live All Over Again. Dealing With the Anger and Continual Backsliding Upon The Acceptance of Meaninglessness. Overcoming The Schizophrenia Of Awakening.

by Jonathan DeJong There has always been a sense in the back of my mind that nothing really matters. How could it be that all of this “existence” really has some kind of end purpose? If you sit and think logically about it, if there is some endgame, some divine plan that is supposed to […]

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29. August 2014


NTHE Question #12

Would you kill yourself in order to help other people survive, even though that survival was highly unlikely, or would you choose to stay alive no matter what, even if that meant killing someone else and watching those you love perish in front of you? _______ Catch Nature Bats Last on the radio with Mike […]

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27. August 2014


What Is Love?

by Alton C. Thompson In our society love and (especially) justice are held up as having especial importance. Thus, it will be useful here to begin by giving some attention to justice. The first point to make here is that love and justice do not occupy distinctly different realms but, rather, are overlapping. One might […]

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25. August 2014


NTHE Question #11

McPherson will be traveling for ten days, and probably out of touch with the online world. Posts are scheduled to appear every two days automatically. ** Why is this happening? Or, better yet, When did it start? I am aware of many different opinions on this topic. Is there a consensus at NBL? _______ Catch […]

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23. August 2014


The Latest Interview with Reese Jones and Dialog on Death, Round Two

Who Is the Mysterious Sam Carana of Arctic News Blog? by Reese Jones Many have wondered who this prolific writer might be … For those who have been following the climate and information news, the name “Sam Carana” may pop up frequently as the author of a prodigious range of Arctic-related climate news postings on […]

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21. August 2014


NTHE Question #10

Have you actually accepted the fact that you will die at all?I think westerners have been raised to feel that death is a personal failure.  A shameful lapse in judgment or discipline or effort, something that could be staved off at least 100 years if not indefinitely if only we are good enough.  Death becomes the terrifying (and […]

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19. August 2014


Uprooting Civilization

by Keith Farnish at the Earth Blog     Uprooting Civilization (Part 1) I have a great fear. It has been with me for years now, haunting the background to my thoughts. This fear surmounts climate change, deforestation, peak oil, global pandemic, soil depletion, indeed any worry that any reasonable person might keep at the […]

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17. August 2014


NTHE Question #9

Now that you know near-term human extinction is inevitable, would you still want to have lived the life you are living now or would you have preferred to live during a different time period of our human existence on Earth? _______ Catch Nature Bats Last on the radio with Mike Sliwa and Guy McPherson. Tune […]

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15. August 2014


Obituary of a Species

by Peter Melton and Guy McPherson Homo sapiens (no photo available) Age unknown, likely between 6,023 and 2,148,341 years of age. The last member of the species died last night, 1 April 2030. Take 1: The final survivor died a lonely death floating on a tree trunk somewhere near what was once known as the […]

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