8. July 2014


Contemplating Suicide? Please Read This

If you are contemplating suicide, please re-consider. And then click here for awareness, prevention, and support on the topic of suicide. I’m not advocating for or against suicide. I’m non-judgmental about the issue, although I agree with Archbishop Desmond Tutu that every human has a right to make the decision to end his or her […]

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23. July 2014


Bits from Reese Jones and Bud Nye, and an Idea from Daniel Drumright

In the End, What REALLY Matters by Reese Jones This is my new favourite video of Dr. McPherson. But then, all the new videos are my favourite. Each brings with it new clarity and insight. But this one is especially thought-provoking as it can show us how to release fear, uncertainty and dread whilst helping […]

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20. July 2014


Three Interviews

I was interviewed by Reese Jones, an individual unaffiliated with any company or organization. After following my work for several months, she contacted via email and asked to conduct an extended interview via YouTube. The latest clip, which is her favorite, is embedded below. The interview was conducted 17 July 2014. The full slate of […]

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17. July 2014


Recent Interviews

I was interviewed 9-10 July 2014 for several hours by Reese Jones. The first 9 clips are embedded below. The entire collection, which will be updated soon with additional clips, can be found at this link. A months-old podcast with RE and Monsta is linked here from the Doomstead Diner. Apparently primary topics are religion […]

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14. July 2014


What Would it Take?

by Alton C. Thompson It is no secret that our species is in deep trouble.  However, because our major news and opinion media, along with our political (and other) “leaders” have maintained their silence about this fact, few in our society seem to be aware of the trouble that we’re in. Why this silence?  Is […]

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11. July 2014


The Last of Everything: Reassessing the Meaning of Suicide through the Lens of Our Near-Term Extinction

by Daniel Drumright, a lifelong radical environmentalist who has followed climate science for the last 25 years, and has been a feral “collapse theorist” for the past 13 years Once again, the following has been written for an extremely limited audience. This essay is ONLY for those who have come to accept the probability of […]

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8. July 2014


The Bludgeon of Hope

by Jo Ann Heydron, who raised three children and taught English at community colleges. These days she writes fiction and blogs at Talking to Strangers: An Introvert Hits the Streets. The Menace of Christian Hope In the Protestant churches I’ve frequented, all falling into the category of “progressive,” hope is a litmus test. You must […]

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5. July 2014


Poem for Earth

Nature Bats Last is the only space in this world dedicated to near-term human extinction. Future essays will focus on this phenomenon, which suggests less-frequent essays in the near future. If a contribution is not directly related to the topic of near-term human extinction, it will not be posted here. Occasional exceptions will be granted […]

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2. July 2014


The Emperor is Naked

Off the keyboard of RE Follow us on Twitter @doomstead666 Friend us on Facebook Published on the Doomstead Diner on June 22, 2014 Discuss this article at the Geopolitics Table inside the Diner Bonus Cafe Podcast: Thrilla in Doomervilla: Extinction or Bottleneck? What passes for Geopolitical Policy in the FSoA has been pretty much the […]

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29. June 2014


Mutually Assured Incineration

by Ray Jason It was halfway between midnight and dawn, and the moon had summoned me. As an ocean sailor who has navigated my lovely boat across the Wide Waters using just the stars and my sextant, I pay more attention to the sky than city-folk. And I also pay more attention to the Earth than […]

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