8. October 2015


Resources and Anthropocentrism

Sun Tzu discussed resources as imperative to state power about 2,500 years ago in The Art of War. By the time Thomas Hobbes linked resources and anthropocentrism in his 1651 classic, Leviathan, resources were clearly accepted as human rights. Consider, for example, a single line from the latter text: “The ‘value’ or ‘worth’ of a […]

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6. October 2015


The Seventh Stage

I entered the sixth stage of Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross’ five stages of grief about a year ago. I spend much of my time in this stage, identified by me as gallows humor. In the spirit of personal growth, I’m moving on. From this point, I intend to spend much of my time in the seventh stage […]

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2. October 2015


Call-in Radio Shows

McPherson was interviewed by Doug Bennett for Unspun radio on Saturday, 3 October 2015. The show is described and archived here. ______ Catch Nature Bats Last on the radio with Mike Sliwa and Guy McPherson. To catch us live, tune in every Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. Eastern time, or catch up in the archives here. […]

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30. September 2015


The End of the Planetary Party for Homo sapiens

Humanism is a doctrine of salvation — the belief that humankind can take charge of its own destiny. Among Greens, this has become the ideal of humanity becoming the wise steward of the planet’s resources. But for anyone whose hopes are not centred on their own species the notion that human action can save themselves […]

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28. September 2015


Stupid, Crazy, Greedy, Evil, and Innocent?!

by the virgin terry i think doomers generally have a compulsion to try to understand certain things which simply can’t be understood. a good example asks why are sheeple in general so irrational and badly misinformed/misopinionated re. crucial scientific matters like agw (i prefer the old nomenclature, global warming, to newer terms like climate chaos), […]

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25. September 2015


Beyond Credentials

Born into a family of educators, I was wise enough to choose my parents and country of birth in a way that resulted in a life of relative luxury. When I was a child, my parents looked forward to their combined annual income reaching $6,000. At that point, they knew they’d have it made. I […]

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22. September 2015


Radio Curious Interview, Part Two

McPherson was interviewed for Radio Curious. The interview was conducted via telephone on Monday, 14 September 2015, with a minor follow-up segment on Tuesday, 22 September 2015. The second part of the interview is described and can be heard here. ______ Upon request for Nature Bats Last on the Progressive Radio Network, I provided an […]

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